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To foster, expand, perpetuate and educate the practice of bowhunting and conservation of Oklahoma's natural resources.

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Herb Hale Award

Herb Hale


In 1974 when the Bowhunting Council was initially forming an awards program, a decision was made to give the highest award to someone who had contributed to bowhunting through the years and had shown dedication to the sport. The Bowhunting Council was then challenged with naming the award.  The search led the Council to Mr. Herb Hale of Pryor, Oklahoma. 

Herb was born in Bunker Hill, Illinois and in 1906 he moved to Pryor, Oklahoma.  Herb hunted all of his life,  first with a gun, and then with a bow.  Herb thought he first shot a bow in the late 1930's and shot both right and left handed.  Herb made the first bows he used with the help of his Native American friends, as bows were difficult to obtain on the commercial market, and ran a small archery shop from his garage, supplying local bowhunters with equipment.

Herb did not do much field shooting, instead sticking mostly to hunting small game, fish, and deer.  Herb has taken numerous varieties of small game, including crows and ducks.  Although, he had hunted deer over the years, he never harvested one.

Herb was awarded a lifetime membership in the old Oklahoma Bowhunters.  He was a former president of the organization and served on the Board of Governors.  At one time, Herb held the distinction of being the oldest active member of the Oklahoma Bowhunters.  He recieved awards from the Boy Scouts of America for helping boys with their archery at a local boy's home.

Herb helped numerous people get started with archery, supplying them with equipment and encouraging them as he taught them to shoot.  He collected  photographs of bowhunters of his area that stopped by his home to show their kills.  Herb always helped them weigh their harvest and take pictures. 

An old Oklahoma Bowhunters pamphlet listed Herb as a "great supporter of bowhunting". 

Herb Hale with a Stub Tail Moccasin taken at Rock Creek arm of Hudson Lake in 1964. The snake is 4' long and 6" in circumference. 


Long snapping turtle is held by Herb Hale.  This was the largest of eleven snappers and two creek turtles taken in 1954. 

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