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Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


To foster, expand, perpetuate and educate the practice of bowhunting and conservation of Oklahoma's natural resources.

Jim Dougherty Memorial

Jim Dougherty Memorial page dedicated by the Bowhunting Council of Oklahoma.

Jim Dougherty


Why do I bowhunt? Because I love it. Sometimes I get very frustrated, but I think we are supposed to. After all, we do it because we want to make things a bit more difficult, because we like the challenge,. One way or another I am involved in it – or around it – 24 hours a day. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I would like to be remembered as a guy who loved to bowhunt, who did it rather well and who tried to represent the sport properly.
— Jim Dougherty

Archery Hall of Fame Inductee Class of 1997 - Bowhunter, Contributor to the Sport, Influence on the Sport.

In truth, there are only a handful of bowhunters whose names and faces are instantly recognizable to fellow practitioners of the sport, and fewer people still have given their lives to bowhunting, personally and professionally, blazing a trail for others to follow while leaving giant sized tracks as evidence of their being on this earth. Jim Dougherty is such a man. --- Archery Hall of Fame

Jim Dougherty was the 1993 Herb Hale Award recipient as well as a lifetime member of the Bowhunting Council of Oklahoma.

  • National Bowhunter Education Foundation Board Member

  • American Archery Council President and Vice-President

  • Archery Manufacturers and Merchants Organization Board Member

  • International Bowhunters Organization Board Member

  • Safari Club International Bowhunters Vice-President

  • Archery Incorporated President and Vice-President

  • National Archery Museum Board Member

  • California Bowmen Hunters and State Archery Association Vice-President

  • Bear Archery Bowhunting Council Chairman

  • Professional Archer of the Year 1977

  • California Archery Hall of Fame 1984

  • International Bowhunters Clinic Hall of Fame 1992

  • Safari Club International Bowhunters Hall of Fame 1993

  • Bowhunter Magazine’s 25 Archers for the Ages 1996